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Diva India in India provides host of possibilities to the Healthcare Tourist, in terms of cost, destination, and choice of treatment location, along with the kind of hotel & holiday possibilities. We as an organization offer easily accessible healthcare services that are at par with international standards at the most competitive prices.

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Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Skin Clinics is Marico's new venture in the field of Skin Care Services. The Clinics offer scientific, US FDA approved dermatological procedures to enhance appearance of the skin. Kaya means skin. "Your Skin grows faster than any other organ. You keep renewing it your entire life. At any given time, your skin is younger than you are. We, at Kaya, just help it look that way." 

Marico has identified Skin care as one of its thrust areas for growth. The Indian Skin care business is growing fast with the increased awareness and demand for cosmetic enhancement. With advancement in medical technology, newer and safer solutions are available that enhance appearance of the skin. Marico's entry in this field with Kaya Skin Clinics is a step towards filling this need gap.

Kaya Skin Clinics will operate under the banner of Kaya Aesthetics Limited, a subsidiary of Marico Industries Limited. The Kaya Skin Clinic venture would also help Marico to move up the value chain in the Personal Care business through newer products and services in the skin care space.

Services rendered at Kaya Skin Clinics 

  • Skinscription 

  • Skintreatments 
    o Rejuvenation 
    o Replacements 
    o Removals

  • Skin solutions 

These are highly scientific, US FDA approved unisex skin treatments customised for every skin type, in the ambience of a spa. These treatments are a carefully balanced combination of clinical & aesthetic care. The technology is backed by medical credibility. The personalized treatments are administered by highly trained Skin Practitioners, under the supervision of in-clinic dermatologists.

Clinic Locations:

3 Clinics in Mumbai, 3 Clinics in Delhi and 1 Clinic in Dubai have been opened so far. The customers who have visited the clinics have rated the services as either excellent or good. Here is what some of them have to say about their experience at the Clinic: 

"Just what we needed: a good centre for completely professional treatments." 
"10,000 times better than anything in LA." 
"A very refreshing experience from start to finish. Feels good just being here." 
"A must for all women" 
"Beautiful ambience" 
"Feel young! Feel reassured! Feel optimistic!" 

Over the next couple of years Kaya Aesthetics Limited plans to geographically expand in India & Middle East by setting up 50 to 100 clinics that provide world class cosmetic dermatological services. 

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