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SITACARE in India provides host of possibilities to the Healthcare Tourist, in terms of cost, destination, and choice of treatment location, along with the kind of hotel & holiday possibilities. We as an organization offer easily accessible healthcare services that are at par with international standards at the most competitive prices.

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Q. How long is a child contagious after breaking out with chickenpox? When is it safe for them to be around others?

Q. What are the risks of smoking with asthma? 

Q. What methods can be used to remove earwax from a child who has tubes in his ears?

Q. Does cracking knuckles cause arthritis?

Q. How long do most people live with congestive heart failure?

Q. What causes leg cramps and how can you prevent them?

Q. Can you outgrow epilepsy as you get older?

Q. Explain myelodysplasia? Is this leukaemia? Will it become leukaemia?

Q. Can exercise lower a person's risk of diabetes? 

Q. After my baby is born, can I do my cardiovascular training with my baby and "jogger stroller." ?

Q. What does the "talk test" refer to when doing your cardiovascular training? 

Q. What is the latest research saying about how much exercise per day is needed to keep off weight that a person has lost? 

Q. I am hearing about treadmills that go backwards. What are the benefits and/or purpose of walking backwards on a treadmill? 

Q. I want to lose weight, specifically body fat. Shouldn't I just do aerobic or cardiovascular workouts and skip the weight training? 

Q. Which are the detoxifying foods?

Q. What are the benefits of consumption of soyabeans?

Q. Which are the infection-fighting foods ?

Q. Do I have to avoid my favorite foods to lose body fat?

Q. I have been trying to read labels on my food and I recently noticed that one of my "fat-free" foods as just as many calories as the same food that is not fat-free. What is going on here?

Q. Donít we need to include some dietary cholesterol in our diets since it is needed by our bodies?

Q. Why does eating too few calories make it more difficult for someone to lose weight?

Q. I know I should drink at least eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water each day. I keep hearing drink more water, but can you give me some hard facts as to why this is good for me?

Q. Is it true that drinking soft drinks, especially colas, can thin and weaken your bones?

Q. Are there dietary changes that can be made to lower one's risk of prostate cancer?

Q. Food Guide Pyramid recommends 3 - 5 servings from the vegetable group and 2 - 4 servings from the fruit group, why do I keep hearing "strive for five" when referring to how many fruits and vegetables I should eat each day?

Q. What is the Food Guide Pyramid that I keep hearing about? Is this like the "4, 4, 3, and 2" of the Four Basic Foods Groups that I learned about ? 

Q. How to stop hair loss and improve itís thickness, strength and lustre? 

Q. How to care for a sensitive skin allergic to soaps, makeup, creams etc.? 

Q. How to get rid of black heads and open pores on face? 

Q. How to remove dark spots on legs and hands which appear aft6er waxing? 

Q. How to prevent and get rid of dark circles around the eyes? 

Q. What to do with unwanted facial hair? 

Q. What to do with hyperpigmentation in peri and post menopausal women? 

Q. What is alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) ? 

Q. How to get rid of ugly scars (keloids)? 

Q. How to get rid of frown lines on the forehead? 

Q. What is the cause of grey hair? 

Q. What is a bindi rash? 

Q: My doctor has told me I should have an angioplasty. How do I choose who should do it and where it should be done? 

Q: My doctor recommends I have an angioplasty, but also warns me that they sometimes need to be redone over the next several months. So wouldn't it make more sense to have coronary bypass surgery instead? 

Q: I had angioplasty, but my doctor still recommends that I lower my cholesterol and stop smoking. Since I feel fine, why do I need to do this? 

Q: My doctor says I have coronary artery disease that requires surgical treatment. I would like to have an angioplasty, but my doctor says it won't work for me.Why not? 

Q: I had an angioplasty performed and I'm concerned about the vessel reclosing. How do I know whether or not this is happening? 

Q: I am a diabetic. Should I have an angioplasty? 

Q: Which method of surgery is best for me?

Q: How long will my bypass graft last?

Q: What is angiography?

Q: How long do I have to stay at the hospital?

Q: Does the test take long?

Q: Can I go home alone?

Q: Can I drive myself?

Q: Do I have to stop my medications on the day of the test?

Q: What is aortic valve stenosis?What causes aortic valve stenosis?

Q: What causes aortic valve stenosis?

Q: What are the symptoms of aortic valve stenosis?

Q. How is aortic valve stenosis diagnosed?

Q: How is aortic valve stenosis treated?

Q. What causes knee pain? 

Q. Is there a cure? 

Q. What is a knee replacement? 

Q. How do I know if I need a knee replacement? 

Q. How do I prepare for knee replacement surgery? 

Q. What happens during knee replacement surgery?

Q. How is the implant affixed in the body? 

Q. What can I expect after knee replacement surgery? 

Q. How soon can I return to normal activities after surgery? 

Q. Will an implant set off a metal detector? 

Q. How common is knee replacement surgery? 

Q. How old is the average patient? 

Q. What about sex? 

Q. I am knock-kneed/bow-legged. Can knee replacement surgery correct this? 

Q. How much does a knee implant cost? Is it covered by insurance? 

Q. How long will a joint replacement last? 

Q. What is a hip replacement? 

Q. How do I know if I need a hip replacement? 

Q. How do I prepare for hip replacement surgery? 

Q. What happens during hip replacement surgery?

Q. How long does the surgery take? What is the recovery time? 

Q. Are there any complications? 

Q. What activities can I do or not do after receiving a hip implant? 

Q. Will a hip implant last a lifetime? 

Q. How much does a hip implant cost? Is it covered by insurance? 

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