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DivaCARE in India provides host of possibilities to the Healthcare Tourist, in terms of cost, destination, and choice of treatment location, along with the kind of hotel & holiday possibilities. We as an organization offer easily accessible healthcare services that are at par with international standards at the most competitive prices.

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Treatment Packages - Offered by Diva India

Beauty Tourism (Selected)

We have institutions with elegant tranquil environment where you’ll discover the most advanced and revolutionary skin care, offered to a discerning unisex clientele in a Zen like ambience We offer excellent refreshing & relaxing solutions, which aim to achieve 'Beauty Through Technology’.

A clear and flawless skin is the most attractive aspect of an individual’s appearance. At our institutions we enhance your natural skin to make it look healthier, fresher, younger and glowing.

Our services are US FDA approved - conform to the highest international quality standards and are most suited for all skin type.

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Acne Scar Reduction

Acne Scar Reduction US $ 370

The only sure method of preventing or limiting the extent of scars is to treat acne early in its course and for as long as necessary. The more the inflammation is prevented or moderated, the easier it becomes to avoid scars. Your quest for a scar removal treatment ends at Kaya Skin Clinic.

a) Glycolic Peels: A stimulating treatment using natural moisturizing agent - Glycolic. Glycolic is one of a group of acids called alphahydroxy acids (AHA’s) 

It penetrates the skin to cleanse it and decreases the build up of dead skin cells allowing fresher skin cells to surface. With consistent use, the cell structure evens out and stimulates collagen production 

b) Deeper skin polishing evens out scarring caused by acne. Crystal powder is used to lift and remove dead surface skin cells, which evens out the skin surface. 

The above used in combination as designed by the dermatologist is highly recommended. 

Improves: Skin texture and softness while tightening and smoothing pores. 

Removes: Dead skin cells, uneven discoloration and fine lines. Reduces the development of acne and the appearance of large pores. 

Focus areas: The face & neck 

Recommended For: Pigmentation. Acne scars, Pits and Marks. 

Duration: 45 mins. 

Visible Results: 8-12 sessions. For best results, the dermatologist may recommend a combination of Peels and Pigmentation & Scar reduction

Frequency: Each session to be undertaken with a gap of 10-15 days. 

Treatment Package Includes:

  • Woods Lamp Analysis 
    Doctors consultation 

  • All consumable used in the procedure
    Routine Medications 

Treatment Package does not Include:

Any other treatment expenses 

Special Care Package Includes 

  • 01 night stay on CP basis (room + breakfast basis) at Five Star Hotel, in down town area. 

  • Return Airport transfer & 01 Full day local running using chauffeur driven air-conditioned medium car. 

Special Care Package Does not Include:

Any expenses of personal nature or any other item not mentioned above in the clause Special Care Package Includes

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